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We are pleased to say that we are now a Bass Cat Boats and Yar Craft Boats Dealer serving Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. We work hard to keep a good standing with all of the customers we deal with.  Whether you bought a Brand New Boat from us or are just needing a Replacement Part for your Engine or Boat. We will always greet you with a smile and be happy to serve you. We are Very Reputable and Very Knowledgeable about Boats, Outboard Engines, Inboard Engines, Small or Big, Old or New it doesn’t matter to us we will work on it. Our Business began around 1978 when Bill and Trix Long decided to get into the Boating Sales and Service Business and we have been here ever since.

Thank You for choosing us all these years because without our Great Customers like you we wouldn’t be around. We would like to Welcome you with open arms whether you are a New Customer or a Repeat Customer.



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